Welcome to ToastedNET!

ATTENTION: The dedicated server has been shut off!


/home directories: 100% COMPLETE
SQL Databases: 100% COMPLETE

A note about email: Any email that was left on the other server is gone forever!

A note about the new control panel: Sharing a control panel with me is a huge step back from having your very own siteworx account like on the old server. If you would like your own control panel, may I suggest getting a dreamhost account of your own. You'll have more control over everything and help pay for my hosting in the process! It's a win-win situation!

The link above contains a promo code good for $50 off any package, so if you choose a monthly package, the setup fee is waived. Nifty!

Currently hosted sites:

hackworx.com sithtoast.com utakz.net
bween.net the-vacancy.com toastedlabs.org
crohnies.org themanofthehouse.org nitemare.ca
tehware.net thyris.org projektn.net
idrainu.com toastedirc.net  

and of course this one!

Formally hosted sites and pay sites:

Shoot me an email and I'll get you sorted.

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